Pocket Operator K.O! (po-33) It'll blow your mind.

Price: 120AUD
Manufacturer: Teenage Engineering
Product Link: Pocket Operator K.O! (po-33)
Release Date:February 14th 2018
score: 8/10
Review: This is a great little pocket sampler groovebox. It can be a little fiddly but is fun to use and you can definitely get some really cool little tracks going. If you are new to the groove give it a try its a cheap way into the game :-)
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digitone Are you ready for the truth?

Price: 1400AUD
Manufacturer: Elektron
Product Link: digitone
Release Date:January 28th 2018
score: 9/10
Review: An FM synth in an Elektron groovebox! What more could you ask for? This Synth/Groovebox is in my opinion going to be a classic. If you hang onto this it is going to be worth a small fortune in 20 years. Its built like a brick, sounds gorgeous and delivers where it counts. If you like FM synthesis you will love its sound and sound design workflow. It is an 8 polyphony device with 4 tracks to use up all that polyphony. If it was your only device you may struggle with 8 sounds at once if you use it for Percussion as well as everything else. But it can cope with some clever programming. Head on over to the Elektron site and check it our using there online mockup!
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opz I'm serious as a heart attack

Price: 1000AUD
Manufacturer: Teenage Engineering
Product Link: opz
Release Date:September 17th 2018
score: 9.5/10
Review: The 'opzee' is many things. Its a sequencer, drum machine, synth and sampler all in one tiny package that can fit in your pocket. It does these tasks with great aplomb, belying the small form factor. The lack of a screen is made up for with very intuitive coloured LEDs and an App (if you really need it) for IOS or Android. This 'bring your own screen' is a great idea and the 'bluetooth' connection that enables it works flawlessly. <p>The sequencer has 16 tracks which get split to 4 sample tracks, 4 synth tracks, 4 effect tracks (2 fx, 1 tape and 1 master) and then a Performance track, IO, Lights and Motion tracks. You could write a small novel on the OPZ it can do so much. But even after only a few hours of usage it feels like 2nd nature and is such good fun! You could produce whole EDM albums, with light shows and Audio Visual Synch with this little device without needing anything else ( except maybe a PC if you want to to the AV stuff as you need Unity to develop that.</p> <p>For an overall score I would be tempted to say 10/10 but ( and this is a tiny but) the internal speaker is absolutely unusable, and the crazy thing is, its not even required, go figure! so 9.5/10 just because of that damn speaker </p>
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